Top 3 Video Communication Apps

Top 3 Video Communication Apps

Video communication refers to through some advanced technologies or communication devices, people in different locations can join the same meeting simultaneously as if they are in a real face-to-face meeting. In common, online video communication consists of several parts-display, loudspeaker, microphone, camera and other peripheral accessories. Thus, the most important advantage of video communication can be easily discovered that it enables you to connect with your team, business partners or close friends and family anytime and anywhere.

In fact, in communication field, there are numerous video communication apps bursting into view and each has its own merits and shortages, so it is necessary to find out every app’s functionalities and characteristics for better collaboration and connection. After filtering, we select 3 powerful apps which have distinctive features and practical functions to meet almost all your needs of video communication.

  • ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is one of the most popular video communication apps over the world. It empowers you to freely start up to 100-participant HD video meetings where you can see participants’ expressions and body languages through the display, which makes you and your team feel as at the same meeting room. And you can with any devices or systems to join in a meeting or talk with somebody regardless of Android, iOS, PC or Mac, it is extremely convenient to use ezTalks Meetings to improve communication quality.

It also possesses a variety of useful built-in tools, for instance, HD video and audio, whiteboard, co-annotation, screen sharing, recording meetings, group chatting and private chatting, participants management, etc. If you have requirements of the number of attendees, you can purchase the professional plan for up to 500-participant meetings and more user’s privileges with a very lower pricing.

It changed old and single-function web meetings and makes long-distance collaboration faster and easier. In addition, this creative app pours into the new vigor vitality for development of video communication industry.


  • Skype

Skype is extensively used in various fields and sectors on the world scale. It offers cost-effectively calling services for those who don’t use Skype to call phones and landlines. Furthermore, it allows the users for video chat, instant messaging, video conferencing and files transferring. You can start a video call to anyone across the globe with this internet video communication app for free. You just need to invite them to join a video call. Some of the crucial features of the Skype are free video calls, group file sharing, caller ID, Skype extension programs and group calls with up to 25 people.

Moreover, Skype launched Skype for Business in 2015 to continue to help many enterprises and institutions to improve remote collaboration of business, and it also has robust functions like 250-people meetings, audio and video meetings recording, Office 365 available, etc.


  • FaceTime

FaceTime is the best video communication app for users who want to easily build connections with workmates, relatives or friends that have ownedApple devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac. Most conveniently, you don’t need to download additional apps, just ensure you have been logged in with your Apple ID and you can go to make a video call to someone in your contacts list. Please note that FaceTime only support one-to-one video call, but it should be enough for many daily situations.

Besides, compared to other two apps above, FaceTime only can be utilized by Apple users, maybe, causes some limitation between customers with different operating system. As a result, as a daily communication tool, FaceTime is undoubtedly great to hold casual video calls to your partners and personal relationships. But, if you want to get a more professional solution for business issues, you can select one from ezTalks Meetings and Skype.


In conclusion, these 3 excellent apps all provide good platforms to conduct online communications, and they respectively behave well in facing different purposes and applying fields. Hence, you should correctly evaluate their advantages and disadvantages to seek out a more befitting video communication solution for yourself.

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