Tanning salons use different levels

Tanning salons use different levels

If you aren’t someone who likes spending time outdoors but who also wants to have a golden-bronze tan, Tanning beds bestsunbeds.co.uk could be the option for you. With the growth of technology this is becoming widely available as well as safer than in the past.

There are many alternatives to outdoor tanning available today and they each have their own benefits and drawbacks. One of the most popular and oldest methods of producing a tan artificially is by using lights that mimic the sun’s rays.

The sun produces UVA and UVB rays which tan our skin if we are exposed to them for prolonged periods. Tanning beds copy this by using lights that produce the same UV rays.

By spending time in a tanning bed, your skin slowly changes color until the desired shade is achieved. It is important to not overdo it because your skin can still burn, and excessive exposure to harmful UV rays isn’t healthy.

These tanning beds are quite expensive and can be out of reach of the average person. If you are still interested, there are many tanning salons that offer tanning sessions. The cost of these sessions will vary based on length and level.

Tanning salons use different levels:

  • Level 1 – 2

These are the introductory levels and use small amounts of low-pressure lights. These are your cheapest options available but are not nearly as efficient as the higher levels.

These tans will fade quicker and the low-pressure lights have higher levels of UVB, which is the one more likely to burn/damage your skin.

  • Level 3 – 4

More bulbs are used at this level and the cost per session increases significantly. Medium-pressure bulbs are used that offer lower levels of UVB rays.

Higher concentrations of UVA result in deeper skin penetration, allowing for a tan that lasts longer.

  • Level 5 – 6

These are your most expensive tanning sessions available and include many high-pressure lights. These lights produce about 99% UVA, meaning they are the most efficient means of tanning available.

Short periods of time are needed in these beds and the tans last much longer than level 1 sessions. The cost might be much higher, but if you factor in how much less you will need to go, you might find it worthwhile.

Based on your skin characteristics and existing tan, you will be able to start at a certain length/level tanning session. Don’t overdo it to try to save money because it can result in serious damage to your skin/health. Any discomfort is not normal and you should consult a doctor immediately.

Once you start going consistently you will notice the benefit of a consistently golden tan – even through winter. Unfortunately, with all tanning, it is a process that requires constant work. If you don’t go to all your sessions, you might find your tan isn’t the shade you had hoped for.

Enjoy the all-year summer with indoor beds and your tan will soon be the talk of all your friends – but also don’t hurt yourself just to look ‘good’.

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