How to spend this Bhai Dooj with your beloved sibling?

How to spend this Bhai Dooj with your beloved sibling?

If you have a brother or sister as your sibling, you could easily understand about sibling fights, arguments, rivalry, teasing, love and other such factors. Having a sibling is itself a special feeling and it establishes a strong saying that goes “United by blood, separated by ideas, interests and psychology.” Celebrating the various colours of the sibling relationship, Bhai Dooj is celebrated by Hindus in India and abroad in a wonderful manner. Here are some of the exceptional ideas regarding the celebration of Bhai Dooj ranging from amazing gift ideas for brother on Bhai Dooj and other such activities.


Spend the day together watching favourite movies- It would be really exciting to spend a day together with your sibling while watching your favourite movies. It will help in strengthening the mutual sibling bonding and will bring back all the good old memories to the forefront. Bring your childhood favourite movies CD OR DVD and watch them in your home theatre. You both can together laugh or cry during these amazing movies while munching on the bucket of popcorn in the meanwhile.

Pay a visit to an amusement park along with your brother/sister- Enjoy the thrilling rides at an amusement park along with your beloved brother or sister to celebrate Bhai Dooj in an excellent manner. It will be a memorable experience for both of you and will be a memory to be cherished for a long time. You can further enjoy fantastic water rides and slides that can effortlessly make a splendid day with your sibling.

Buy extraordinary gifts for each other- In order to make the occasion of Bhai Dooj really interesting for each other, siblings can buy superb gifts for each other. While brothers can offer chocolates, personal care gift hamper, hand bag or stilettos as special gifts for sister on Bhai Dooj. Sisters can choose soccer shoes, personalised bracelet, gourmet hamper, a video game CD and other wonderful Bhai Dooj gifts for brother in a seamless manner.

Gorge down on your favourite delicacies- “Sharing is caring” and it can really work wonders in a sibling relationship. You need to share the favourite chocolate bar, gourmet or ice cream bucket with your loving brother or sister in order to forge a stronger bonding. Similarly, you both can together gorge on your favourite Black Forest Cake, Red Velvet Cheesecake or any other flavour to celebrate the auspicious occasion in a sweet manner.

So, get extraordinary ideas to celebrate this Bhai Dooj in the most memorable manner and take your sibling relationship to new heights. Make the most of this special day with your loving brother or sister.



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