Pros And Cons Exposed Ceiling

Pros And Cons Exposed Ceiling

Exposed ceilings have been named in many ways like vaulted ceilings or cathedral ceilings. They are not a new design at all, actually the name cathedral ceiling comes because they were made like that in cathedrals that may have a thousand years, but modern houses are adopting exposed ceilings more and more. This is because they are trendy and because they are starting to be popular but, despite the many pros they have, they also have some cons you should know before making a decision.

Ceilings are an expensive thing and is a place difficult to work. If you want to make changes in its layout or use another kind of ceiling, be sure you know all the pros and cons before that, you don’t want to regret it later. This is a list of the biggest pros and cons of exposed ceilings. We will go with the good news first, because we like to be optimistic:Related image


  • Exposed ceilings are more versatile and give you the chance to be creative. You can use chandeliers, additional windows and blinds for more sunlight and custom lighting. This is probably the biggest pro of it.
  • If your room is facing south, an exposed ceiling will increase natural lighting. It is also true for a room facing anywhere else, but much more for south.
  • Rooms with exposed ceilings are cooler than others. This is because heat rises and, the higher the room, the more it will raise and the less will be at your height.
  • Similar to the flexibility pro, they also are more spacious and this gives you some extra room to enjoy. Whether you use this space to place more cabinets in the walls or not is just up to you, but anyways they will always feel bigger and not so cramped.
  • Exposing your rafters add a special character to the room. These rooms are more appealing to the sight than lower ceilings.

But, as we commented before, there is a flip side on all this; these are the main cons for exposed ceilings:

  • They are less energy efficient than low ones. There is a great difference in northern climates because the higher the room, the more you will have to heat it and the more energy you will use to do this.
  • Due to the lack of energy efficiency, you will spend more money in utilities as well.
  • Maintenance is more difficult with an exposed ceiling because everything is located at a higher place. Sometimes, changing a bulb could be done with a simple stool and now you may need a ladder.
  • They are expensive. Installing an exposed ceiling isn’t cheap at all and can be twice the cost of a lowered one. This adds up to the increase in your energy bill.
  • They don’t look as cozy as lower ceilings. The airy and expansive feeling is great, but if you look for coziness, they aren’t for you.
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