Peter Loftin – His Journey

Peter Loftin – His Journey


Peter Loftin was born in North Carolina in United States. His mother was an elementary school teacher and his father was a Korean War veteran, who later retired from the US government social security administration. Raised in a humble household, he started his own business very young.


Peter Loftin’s career started early at the age of 25. His work has been diverse, at points having pioneered ideas in his business. Let’s have a look at his portfolio:


He founded Business Telecom Inc. in Raleigh, North Carolina, in1983. He quickly converted the business to one of the top telecommunications company in the country. His company was also one of the largest employers in the private sector in Raleigh.

Peter Loftin was the one who came up wit the concept of “flat pricing for all long distance calls”. This thought has definitely changed the way the world operates telecommunications today. He will always be considered the pioneer of this contribution.

Whiskey Distillery:

In 2016, Peter Loftin established the largest whiskey distillery in Bardstown Bourbon, in the United States. It is the first distillery in the world that does combined distilling of whiskey, rye and bourbon.

Over the years, the distillery has been expanded in collaboration with other companies. The company aims to increase its current production of 1.5 million proof gallons to a whooping 6 million proof gallons in its current set up.

The distillery is spread out over 100 acres. This active farmland not only houses the distillery, it is also home to aninteractive visitors, education and event center, a library giving insight into everything about whiskey as well as a bar. The future holds plans of a hotel and a restaurant also coming up on the premises. It also offers tour and tasting facilities to its visitors at the distillery.

Counter terrorism consulting firm:

Peter Loftin founded the CM3 group, in collaboration withwell-known retired members of SEAL (MichaelHaley) and FBI (Richard Shaffer). CM3 group is a consulting firm dealing in providing counter terrorism security advice. Boasting of a workforce with a remarkable background and experience, CM3 group has worked in tandem with local, state as well as federal bodies and intelligence agencies for developing as well as providing counter terrorism consultations for the Port of Los Angeles.


Peter Loftin has from a very young age been a great believer of giving back to the society. A few of his charity projects are as follows:

  • Coats for kids:

In his twenties, Peter Loftin started thischarity. Thousands of needy kids were given away winter coats during the holidayseason to protect them from the harsh weather.

  • Heading non-profit organizations:

Peter Loftin has been on the board of a number of charitable organizations, working tirelessly towards their upliftment and welfare. American Red Cross in Washington, American Lung Association and Duke Heart Center are a few of the boards where he has served.

  • Camps and Schools:

He built BTI Camp for girls and boys in America and contributed heavily at Oak Ranch, which dealt with underprivileged kids and misled youth.  

Peter Loftin has led a fulfilling life personally as well as professionally. He has made sure that he gives back to the community with the same or more amounts of zest than his earnings.

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