Meal replacement smoothies are a must to stay fit

Meal replacement smoothies are a must to stay fit

Ah, the daily struggles of the corporate life. The gruelling 9-5 schedule just isn’t what it promises to be, as employees are never let off at 5, are they? The hassles and troubles of the corporate job life or even the busy college student life can have detrimental impacts on people’s health and bodies. Many times, it so happens that people just do not get the time to have a wholesome, healthy meal. They may not feel like prioritizing food overwork, they may not feel like cooking if they live alone, or maybe due to some unforeseen circumstances, they may be forced to skip meals. What can they possibly do to stay healthy without eating a proper meal? The answer is straightforward: nutrition filled meal replacement smoothies.

Why are smoothies the trend now?

Easy to whip up and take, these meal replacement smoothies are one of the most efficient and time-saving ways to stay fit and healthy. These can be taken anywhere with you- to the office, to the gym, to University… Just open up your sipper and have a delicious smoothie at lunchtime to sort out your daily dose of nutrients, without the time wasted in cooking/eating meals! Simple as that!

Now, a few things are a must when it comes to building meal replacement smoothies to stay fit. As you may know, the body needs adequate amounts of carbs, protein, fat, fibre, vitamins and other nutrients to stay fit and healthy for long. So, one must choose foods rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre etc. in order to ensure that the smoothie packs a punch.

Don’t skip meals ever again

Nothing is better than a wholesome meal, agreed. But if you are in the habit of skipping meals and going for protein bars as your lunch, smoothies can be your best friend. A smoothie which has about 400 calories, 20 g protein and no added sugar is best for your health and can help you maintain that toned body for longer. Experts also ask you to minimize your ingredients in smoothies, as it will result in more antioxidants, nutrients and all that good stuff being delivered to your bodies.

Chia seeds, tofu, avocados and nuts are the best sources of protein for these smoothies. Similarly, nut butter and coconut oil can be a great source of essential fats. Fruits and green veggies provide all the energy and fibre that one needs for daily work. A bonus is that fruits already are sweet, to give your smoothie that great flavour without the sugar.

All that remains now is to get a blender, whack in those ingredients, and start building your meal replacement smoothies to stay fit!

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