Is Growth Hormone Therapy ‘Height Only’ Treatment Regimen for Children?

Is Growth Hormone Therapy ‘Height Only’ Treatment Regimen for Children?

Medical sciences reveal that Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) is a condition of medical ailment which is caused when the body does not produce sufficient amount of growth hormone (GH). This GH is released by proper functioning of the pituitary gland. Adults exhibit Growth Hormone Deficiency where usually there is a past history of pituitary tumors that may have been treated with surgery or radiation. This affects the hormone levels in the body resulting in emotional disruptions, such as fatigue, lack of motivation, high cholesterol level etc.

Growth hormone is vital for normal growth in children. Majority of us associate Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) in children with faltering weight or extremely short stature as compared to their age and weight. This can be caused either due to congenital (a condition that is present at birth) or acquired (a condition that occurs after birth) conditions. Parents should muster knowledge about what growth hormone does, what could be the cause for this deficiency in their child, how does it affects the body, how to look for symptoms to identify this deficiency, what is the proper Treatment Regimen for Children and so on. Timely diagnosis and proper treatment helps the child in proper development of body fat, muscle, and bones. It also promotes good health and wellness of the child including mental growth and development. This, in turn, influences the emotional development.

What benefits will the child draw with HGH Growth Hormone Therapy?

By knowing the benefits of HGH Growth Hormone Therapy for your child can help you decide in making the right decision.

  • It stimulates muscle growth and protein synthesis.
  • The medication boosts the HGH levels because of the essential amino acids it contains.
  • It enhances the growth of bone and organs in children and adolescents.
  • It regulates levels of glucose or sugar in the blood and thus, it also influences metabolism.
  • The average weight and height increases considerably to meet age related growth standards.
  • It increases the stamina of the child and eliminates the complaints of fatigue.

Once you have learnt the significance of the role HGH plays in the growth and development, you would be convinced to use it as a therapy for children who weren’t growing at a normal rate – physically and mentally. The Growth Hormone Therapy works towards increasing the amount of HGH in those children. Growth Hormone Therapy is seemingly a recommendation for curing short stature and other problems in children and adolescents, but it should be done with careful monitoring of hormone levels in the blood. The outcome of this therapy is that these children are able to do the things which normal adults do; and they otherwise would never have been able to achieve and perform.

So, now if you had the reservations of not trusting HGH Growth Hormone Therapy for your children or adolescents  thinking that it is ‘Height Only’ Treatment Regimen for Childrenknow the facts and get focused on the overall development of your child including brain development instead of just the physical looks.

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