If you are considering getting a detox from marijuana, know. Here are some of them?

If you are considering getting a detox from marijuana, know. Here are some of them?

The increasing legalization of marijuana is making it more common in pop culture and in other spheres of life. Many people are now beginning to assess the medical value of the substance, and others are searching for ways to remove the drug from their system – either due to upcoming drug tests, or they just want to get it out of their system. You may be one of them, or you might be considering doing that for a loved one or a friend who is addicted to the substance

However, an overlying question arises – what exactly are they flushing out? In addition, what is the time duration of removing the substance from your body naturally? There are important things you should there fore keep in mind if you are thinking about going through a detox procedure.

What does marijuana leave behind?

Regardless of the method you use to consume the drug, you will always feel many effects, both immediate and long-term. However, these effects will not last forever, especially the immediate ones -so there are certain metabolites the substance leaves behind. That means your body still contains chemical remnants of the drug.

These remnants are what are known as cannabinoids. They are easily detected in certain organs or excretions of the body – urine, nails, hair, your saliva, and your blood.

What do drug tests look for?

All marijuana drug tests will look for thepresence of the active ingredient, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), as well as its metabolites. The easiest way to test this substance is through urine for two reasons – since it is the easiest sample to collect, and THC tends to stay detectable for a longer time in urine than any other fluid of the body.

On the other hand, the metabolite these tests look for is THC-COOH, which the body stores within your fat. In fact, this is among the major reasons marijuana is easily detected even after months, compared to other drugs that will stay for a shorter time. The fat cells in your body actually store the metabolites from marijuana.

How long does THC remain in the body?

The time that THC will remain in you cells and excretory waste such as urine will depend on some factors. These include your body metabolism, if you have an exercise routine and the frequency which you carry it out, your body fat percentage, and your frequency and amounts of marijuana use.

Since all these factors determine its stay, there is no standard time for detection. It can therefore stay anytime from two days to several months.

Urine samples

Even after long abstinence periods, metabolites of cannabis can still be detected in your urine. In fact, a certain study found traces of one of the marijuana metabolites, delta 1-THC, after one month of abstinence.

Fat cells

The fat tissue will have increasing traces of metabolites the more you use the substance, and it will begin to spread gradually into your blood from there. Exercise is a major distribution factor – it can lead to the fat stores releasing THC (due to fat metabolism) and into the bloodstream.


The metabolites and THC can remain in your blood for up to seven days, although this will also depend on your frequency of use. For instance, a daily smoker will definitely have higher levels of THC in their blood, as opposed to an occasional user.

Withdrawal symptoms

Contrary to the claims of many, it is actually harmful – and it is addictive. That means one thing – when you try to detox from marijuana, you will go through several withdrawal symptoms.

These include insomnia (this can last for up to several days or months), irritability and anger – especially when the addict is being forced to stop by friends and family, depression when you do not use the drug for some time, vivid dreams (the drug tends to alter your sense of reality that can last for several weeks), and problems with memory or concentration – marijuana interferes with the hippocampus region of the brain, therefore resulting in interference with short term memory.

How does a detox remedy work?

The majority of marijuana detoxing techniques and kits will work on removing THC completely from the body. They include chewable tablets, capsules, shampoos, drinks, as well as mouthwashes that help you pass a saliva test. However, it is important to note that detoxes can also bring additional effects when you use them before a drug test, which will make your urine samples seem doubtful.

Certain teas and cleanses will reduce the levels of THC because of their diuretic properties. However, they have aside effect – they can make you visit the bathroom many times, so that your kidneys can technically wash out. However, this also brings the effect of reducing the density or gravity of your urine. A drug test will reveal this and it will seem as though your urine is contaminated – your specimen can be discounted, or you fail the drug test entirely.

In addition, teas and cleanses also change the amounts of creatinine in your urine, which is another measure drug tests examine. Abnormal levels of creatinine will indicate contamination, and the ester can easily draw the conclusion that you attempted to cheat on your drug tests. That makes your sample unacceptable, and you will likely need to start again.

Other things you can do to remove the drug from your system in an easier way include sweating, drinking plenty of fluids and water (these flush out the toxins from your body), eliminate caffeine as well as fats during detox, and drink warm milk if you are suffering from insomnia.

Getting a rehabilitation center is also important in quitting the substance, as the effects of the drug will stay in your system for quite some time and make it difficult to quit. It is advisable if you can find a detox facility that have extensive experience with the process, as it may be dangerous to try and quit it alone (particularly if you are a heavy user).

Final thoughts

Before deciding to use marijuana, it is essential that you understand the consequences of its use on your body. You should also keep in mind that it stays in the body longer than other drugs, and can be detected easily when you decide to do a drug test.

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