How to Teach Your Kids About Good Hygiene 

How to Teach Your Kids About Good Hygiene 


Who wishes their kid to be smelly and dirty in class, but making them agree on the importance of staying healthy and clean could be a little frustrating and dicey. A kid may take hygiene as a tiresome work or hassle. Lather, rinse and then gain repeat the process!!! What’s the point?

Till the kids reach puberty and realize that the opposite sex likes the use of deodorants, soaps, tooth paste, teaching kids the practice of good hygiene is a tedious time. But, remember it is very important for the health and well- being of your child.

Here are some tips that could ease the process of inculcating good hygiene habits in your kid. Take a look:

  • Begin with the basics

Hand washing is the first practice of good hygiene habits. The basics involve washing your hands several times in a day, especially after the usage of bathroom. Soap and water is more preferable to sanitizers as they do not remove all types of germs.

  • Try to have fun along with hygiene

Make wiping a runny nose appear as a best horn impression sound. Make use of shampoo suds and convert it to Mohawk or use the bath bubble of the tub as a beard on your face. You can do a little bit of dancing while brushing your teeth every morning. You don’t have to make hygiene chore!

  • Set your own example

Let your child learn from you. Invite them to the washroom while you’re brushing teeth or combing hair. Remind yourself in a loud voice that it is very important to wash your hands before dinner. If they notice you taking care of your hand and face, they will follow you.

  • Explain the kids the significance of grooming

Make sure kids acknowledge the importance of grooming. Make them understand how important it is to stay clean and avoid germs and lice in your body. Explain them the troubles which occur when they don’t keep themselves clean and tidy. Show them cases of lice removal company to help them acknowledge hygiene at a more grand level. This way they will be scared of getting dirty and sooner will realize how important it is to stay clean.

  • Purchase something unique that they would love using

An amazing way to engage kids in their grooming and hygienic habits is to include something exciting and involving along with a little incentive. It could be something as simple as bringing in toothpaste of their favorite flavor or a lighting tooth brush or a new rubber duck.

  • Inculcate it as a routine in their life

Parents often state that kids thrive on routines. And surely it is true! Inculcate brushing teeth and hair maintenance habits in your kid as a morning and evening ritual. Make washing face a precursor to bedtime stories. Once they begin to perform these tasks daily, they will accept it as a part of their daily life. At times, they might surprise you by reminding you of the habits that you may have forgot.

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