How Theatre Artists Can Use Crowdfunding

How Theatre Artists Can Use Crowdfunding

 Theatre and dramatics is one of the oldest art forms in India, needless to say one of the richest parts of our cultural heritage. Well before digital entertainment, it was dramatics and folk theatre that played a vital role in communicating socio-political truths of the time – through village dramas, urbn theatre, or street plays. Different regions in India had their own styles, be it language, costumes, stages or stories; we’ve seen diversity and transformation of this wonderful art form, through the years.

However, as we’ve moved towards the digital revolution, cultural organizations face scarcity in traditional grants for theatre artists, and connoisseurs are seeing the need to come up with other creative techniques to keep theatre alive. It comes as no surprise that like any other art form, theatre too, requires a fairly large investment, be it renting a space for rehearsals, hiring a theatre for formal performances, costumes, props, makeup, or artist fees.

Traditionally, one would have to go through a long and tiresome process of meeting investors or sponsors, making elaborates pitches to them asking them to fund your project. If they agree, one would have to spend months in follow-ups, and emails to cut a deal. Aside from spending a lot of time and money in this initial process alone, one of the biggest drawbacks is that of not being able to have a continuous source of income. It’s not likely that one donor will cut cheques for large amounts, with each production.

Enter crowdfunding


As theatre artists embrace the path towards a crowdfunding India, online fundraising is becoming extremely popular among artists who need financial backing to fund theatre performances. Yes, a strong crowdfunding campaign does require a fair bit of effort, but one would save a lot more time and spend little to nothing, to run an online fundraising campaign. As theatre has a very niche audiences, it is easily possible to gain targeted reach through crowdfunding tools. By reaching out to just the right people, there are no boundaries to creativity, publicity, and most importantly, donations.

Very recently, a crowdfunding campaign in Kerala was run, to preserve a centuries old theatre art form called Koodiyattam. Their aim was to raise s 20 lakhs to train and teach the art to a new generation of artists. With crowdfunding in the pictures, there’s so much to do – whether it is saving a preserving a old theatre or stage, funding production related expenses, opening a school to train the youth in various art forms, or even sponsoring lessons for an underprivileged child who is interested in theatre and dramatics.

At Impact Guru, we are determined to help keep such art forms alive, by providing a fundraising platform to artists, to encourage a crowdfunding India, because we believe that a crowdfunding India has the potential to bring financial stability and support to the theatre world. So if you’re a theatre performer, a connoisseur, or simply an enthusiast, spread the word about how crowdfunding can benefit artists and performers.

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