Five Tips to locate a Us dot Consortium for the Company

Five Tips to locate a Us dot Consortium for the Company

You have to become familiar with a lot in regards to you employees. You might not need to time or the opportunity to try everything by yourself. Using a Us dot consortium, you are able to maintain a lot of compliancy. The 3rd party administrator can perform virtually everything that you’ll require these to – helping you save both money and time.

Choosing the best consortium can make it simpler to get the assistance where you really need it. There are several guidelines to help you find the correct one.


You need to intend on making a summary of questions you should ask a Us dot Consortium. These ought to be the same goes with each administrator to be able to make sufficient comparisons together. What you ought to know might not be located on the website, and for that reason you should possess the questions to be able to really dive into the things they can sort out. Questions include:


How have you ever helped companies previously?

How big information mill you accustomed to dealing with?

How experienced are you currently with Us dot rules and rules?

What partnerships have you got that may be advantageous?

Have you ever setup drug testing programs previously?

By asking these questions, you can aquire a large amount of great solutions. It may also help you to definitely see whether a consortium will probably be suitable for your organization or otherwise.

Take a look at Services

The help provided by the consortium ought to be explored too. Some companies manage the whole testing program while some will manage song. You might want these to implement this program, maintain compliancy, and manage the random testing of employees. Various medical review officer services might be provided too, varying from chain of child custody tools to expert testimony.

Discover Their Background

Take time to find out about the reputation of the organization. How lengthy they have been around? What industries will they typically use? You can aquire a large amount of information in the “about us” around the consortium website. However, you may even possess a couple of other questions, which is another reason you need to make an appointment or perhaps a Web inquiry to be able to find out more.

Explore Prices Models

Various prices models may exists for while using consortium. This can frequently rely on just how much you’ve them handling the substance testing program. For those who have them applying and managing everything, you will probably pay more, though you may also save a lot of time.

Take a look at their Team

Finally, take time to take a look at their team. The bigger they, the greater customer support you’ll probably get. They’ve already a range of medical review officials to assign for your company and help in the only thing you do.

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