How to choose the right colour scheme for your target market

How to choose the right colour scheme for your target market

When building a website, it’s really important to consider the market you’re trying to reach. The colour scheme that you choose could be the difference between drawing people in or causing them to click back.


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Colour schemes don’t just look attractive – they also have a psychological effect on people. In this guide, we’ll take a look at target markets and schemes to suit.

Health and wellbeing

For websites geared towards health advice, brown and green exude an earthy and calm ambience. Medical advice or online prescription services need to convey an aura of honesty and make customers feel they can be trusted. Blue is a safe colour to use for this.

Websites for women

Women are a target market you don’t want to get wrong, and you need to make sure your colours match the idea of the product. If you want to convey a bold and powerful image, then there’s no better colour than red. Known for its connotations of love and passion, it’s perfect for a female market. For a softer look, try pink. This colour has an association to femininity, yet creates a lighter impression. For elegance and luxury, purple works well.


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Financial and legal websites

These are businesses that need to win their customers’ trust. Many banks use blue as a colour scheme, promoting responsibility. Dark green is also useful for conveying affluence and stability.

Websites for babies and children

The most neutral colour is yellow, a perfect option for expectant parents to browse online. It also attracts children. due to its sunny nature. While gender conformity is changing, pink and blue still represent identity and are still valid for a site aimed at children.

Further advice

Putting two strong colours together can look busy and alarming. There are contrasting colours such as black, gold, and cream to keep your website alluring and inviting.

If you’re struggling to put together an appropriate scheme, then a professional London web design company could help with this. There are some innovative and cost-effective designers, such as Redsnapper that will provide you with advice and information.

Remember, it’s essential to market your product well. A poorly designed colour scheme can make a difference to your business, and put you behind your competitors.

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