Avail the Workmen compensation through LifeCare

Avail the Workmen compensation through LifeCare

Injuries, accidents, uncertain happenings don’t wait for you to take up the insurance plans and other related securities. They come without prior notice and can happen to anyone. Accidents at sites like factories, construction business, electrical shocks etc are mere a situation of tension both for the employers and the employs. Here, they are liable to pay the compensation for the losses of the employee and have to pay a huge amount of money. Such situations can be safely handled by availing the workmen compensation from Lifecare in Dubai. This is the leading insurance firm in the Middle East.

During such uncertain conditions, the company has to bear a huge amount of losses to compensate their workers. But with workmen compensation, it provides a sense of security to every organization with huge working labor. These facilities cover all the expenses like medical bills, treatment, hospitalization, compensation etc. Moreover, you also get safety against any legal actions taken by the employer regarding the compensation. Now, you can safely handle all your projects and business as Lifecare will cover all the necessary liabilities on your behalf.

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Scenarios covered by Workmen Compensation:

  • Burning or similar injuries by any corrosive material
  • Bodily injuries due to misuse of the equipment
  • Injury due to falling, slipping and tripping.
  • Injury because of falling of equipment over the employ
  • Injury due to Bending and lifting heavy material
  • Continuous stress and strain injuries
  • Injury caused by mishandling the equipment or sheer negligence

Why should you avail the workmen’s compensation insurance?

The labor laws are very strict in UAE and all the employers have to pay the compensation amount with respect to such uncertain happenings. Either it’s a health problem, accidental injury or instant death of the employ on the workplace; they are liable for such scenarios. In case of non-payments, the company is liable to drag in the court case and then the situation worsens for every organization.

To get in safer hands it is better to pre-avail the workmen compensation which is in betterment for both the employer and the employ.

Expert team in LifeCare:

The effective team at Lifecare properly analyzes your business needs and limitations. They work accordingly without creating a mess and properly maintain such records. Being experts they will keep you safe in every situation and make the payouts with respect to the circumstances.

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