Why Birmingham’s Best for Business

Why Birmingham’s Best for Business

Birmingham has always been great for business, innovation and commercial success. It was once the beating heart of the Industrial Revolution, which came about thanks to a group of visionary inventors, scientists and manufacturers who met to share their knowledge and were called the Lunar Society of Birmingham. Birmingham remains a city of success and entrepreneurial spirit.

Known as the City of 1,000 trades it gained city status in 1889 and had a huge variety of businesses and companies across many different sectors. It was also given the nickname, Workshop of the World. One of the world’s first factories was created by the industrialist Matthew Boulton in the city and pioneered the first assembly-line mass production. His design of steam-driven machines in 1766 were an incredible breakthrough is mass production.

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The city remains a focus of economic growth and official statistics put Birmingham as the largest employer in education, health and public administration after Leeds. It boasts being the second city, after London, in employment for the financial and business service sectors. If you’re here on business and need excellent accommodation, check out Birmingham Serviced Apartments at http://www.8waterloostreet.co.uk/

There are 4 FTSE100 companies who have their headquarters in the Birmingham area – which is the largest concentration of companies of this kind outside London. The wider economy of Birmingham’s metropolitan area is the second largest in the UK equalling £68 billion. Birmingham can be proud of the fact that it has the highest level of entrepreneurial spirit and activity outside London, with many thousands of business start-ups registered in recent years.

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Cultural events benefit the city greatly too, with the Frankfurt Christmas Market being the biggest in the country and the largest outside of Germany and Austria. 5 million people visit every year and it creates £90 million for the Birmingham economy.

Birmingham’s wonderful diversity makes it the most ethnically mixed city in the UK, with over a third of residents being non-white from 2007 figures, compared with less than one third in the capital city.

The city is also one of the top destinations for business conferences with the NEC, the LG Arena, NIA and International Convention Centre attracting over 4 million visitors annually. Almost a half of all the UK’s exhibition trade and conferences take place in the city. That makes Birmingham one of the best for business.

Transportation makes Birmingham excellently connected and easily accessible. It’s home to the most famous junction in the UK, Spaghetti Junction and the Bromford Viaduct is the longest bridge in the UK at 5,600m. Birmingham’s New Street Station is the busiest station outside London and home to the biggest long-distance network in the UK, Crosscounty. Centrally located and with excellent rail links to conference centres and an international airport, Birmingham is the perfect city in which to do business.

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