Top 5 Biggest Military Powers in the World

Top 5 Biggest Military Powers in the World

The news is often full of reports of unrest, political incidents, foreign battles and military intervention. There are military operations across the world, every single day and yet most of us have no idea of what is happening as we go about our daily lives. Do you ever wonder who has the biggest army or the greatest firepower in the air? Here are the top biggest militaries of the world in terms of manpower and strategic assets:

  1. The United States

As you might expect, the huge dominance of the U.S makes it one of the biggest and most influential military players in the world. Their defense budget is a whopping $612 billion and they spend more on this than the other countries in this list put together! The U.S boasts 19 aircraft carriers and more aircraft than any other country on earth. It also has a huge labour force and the world’s biggest nuclear arsenal.

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  1. 2. Russia

Russia’s military force is growing again after much upheaval during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Military spending has increased by 33% over the last decade and continues to grow annually. The budget is currently in the region of $76.6 billion. Active personnel number 766,000 with a reserve force off over 2 million. Russia boasts the biggest tank force in the world with a staggering 15,500 of them! Their training is not the best and their equipment is aging but they are still a formidable force. For your own Tank Driving experience, head to

  1. China

China’s spending on the military has increased dramatically with current figures putting annual expenditure at an incredible $126 billion. The sheer size of the Chinese Army is breath taking with over 2 million frontline personnel and another 2 million in reserve. With its current border disputes with Japan and the Philippines, it seems China may wish to flex their power in that direction.

  1. India

India is currently spending large amounts in an effort to modernize its equipment. It is the world’s biggest importer of military goods and as it invests higher amounts, is set to become the world’s fourth biggest spender in a few years’ time. India boasts some impressive ballistic missiles that are capable of reaching Pakistan and China.

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  1. UK

Here in the UK there is much talk of reducing the size of our military presence by about 20%. Current spending levels are at $54 billion. Despite reductions in spending, the UK is still investing in the HMS Queen Elizabeth, to be in service by 2020 which will carry 40 F-35 fighter jets anywhere in the world. Training, expertise and equipment is considered superior to some other nations.

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