Tips to successfully use metal to metal adhesives

Tips to successfully use metal to metal adhesives

Soldering or welding is not always an option for bonding two pieces of metal together, particularly for delicate or small projects, or when there isn’t the correct equipment or space available. In these cases, metal adhesives can be the solution, but this isn’t as easy as gluing together materials such as paper or wood. We’ve got some tips on how you can successfully use metal to metal adhesives.


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Use the right adhesive

The first step to effectively bonding together the metal pieces is to use the right metal bonding adhesive for the job. One of the main forms is an epoxy, which is designed for where structural support is being provided by the metal. Other adhesives are commonly used for less critical projects – such as arts and crafts or jewellery making.

Clean the surface

The effectiveness of the adhesive can be reduced if there’s any dirt, grease, oil or other types of residue present on the surface. This will make it harder to create a strong bond, so it’s essential to clean both of the surfaces properly beforehand and then leave them to dry completely.

Create a grip

If you want to ensure that the metal bonding adhesive forms a very strong bond then you can create some texture on the surface of the metal to give it something to grip onto. It’s easy to do this by rubbing sandpaper across the surfaces so that they become rough and gritty.


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Follow the instructions

There is a wide range of adhesives available, including those from, and they may have different usage instructions, so it’s essential to read these before you start. These will let you know how long the glue will take to dry and if the adhesive needs to be combined with another element before using it.

One of the key benefits of a metal adhesive is that it can save you both time and money compared to other methods, for example, welding. However, not following the instructions correctly can mean you need to carry out the work again.

Apply pressure

Metal adhesive doesn’t just work like paper glue and you’ll need to use some pressure to ensure you get a strong enough bond. You can use a vice or clamp to keep them pressed together, which will encourage the adhesive to work.


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