These 5 Learning Toys Will Make Your Kids Smart And Friendly

These 5 Learning Toys Will Make Your Kids Smart And Friendly

Good parenting is obtaining the best thing for your kids. Take them away from the different scenarios in the society that may affect children negatively. Connecting with your children in a positive manner will help you in orienting them regarding the things that are happening around such as things like their peers, their educators, and technological trends.

That is why even though you are so busy with your hectic schedules of work and with your other goals in life; make sure that you are giving the right toys, which will make them smart and friendly. Check this list out:

Step2 Ride on Toys

Time to make friend through cool push buggies and plastic wagons from Step2 Direct. You will be confident with these toys as they are highly suggested by different recognized institution due to its quality and durability.

Personal robot

Have you ever been fascinated with robots that talk?  Here’s a fantastic new toy for children and grown- ups! The Meccano – Mecanoid XL 2.0 is the robot of your dreams! You will love this funny and adorable metal and plastic friend that you can assemble at home. Just putting him together is part of the fun, especially for Sci-Fi fanatics! Through a smart device communication, you can make the Meccanoid XL 2.0 talk to you, gesture with his arms, dance around, do some kung fu tricks and move on motorized feet. This 4 feet playful companion will make your day!

Alphabet board

Watch how they use alphabet board and take it in different directions. You can simply mount an oil pan (preferably metal) on the wall to make the surface magnetic. After cut up a particular alphabet poster and stick it to the pan. Your kids now can start learning through magnetic letters. Furthermore, you may also repeat this with maps, numbers, etc. that would help your little tots learn.

Color Classifier

Enhance their color recognition ability through this shades color activity. Choose an array of paint chip cards from your nearest hardware store. Next, cut them and keep it in a bag. You need to make a quick chart within a plain piece of paper and allow your kids try those chips in order according to on the gradation.

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

Playing with Barbie has never been more fun and innovative with the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse. Other than all the loose objects around the two-story doll house, the dreamhouse has a built- in Wi-Fi enabled speech recognition. In other words, you can play with the house by simply talking to Barbie. Each play space also has its own sound effects to accompany the mood and setting of each room. Children can even upload audio recordings to replace the default sound effects. You can easily control the automatic elevator, staircase/slide, automatic doors, and chandeliers with your voice. The fun experience with the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse is beyond every little girl’s dreams.

These simple yet innovative cool toys can significantly help your little angels hone their hidden talent and skills more than formal training from school. You can encourage them to play these toys with their cousins and friends to add socialism in their learning path. These Step2 Direct kids wooden play kitchen are worth creating and spending for!

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