The pros and cons of safety razors and straight razors

The pros and cons of safety razors and straight razors

Shaving is an important part of a man’s daily routine, especially for men who don’t want to grow a beard. The problematic thing about the shaving routine is that numerous men often experience side effects such as cuts, abrasions or irritation. Some of them commit mistakes in the shaving routine, such as not applying enough shaving gel or not wetting their face before they start to shave but these problems are mainly caused by the use of the wrong shaving razor. There are numerous types of shaving razors available, each with its pros and cons, so check them out at and find out more about them. You should mainly learn more about the straight razor and the safety razor. Here is what you should know about them. law

Straight razor:

  • This is basically a long piece of metal with a very sharp point.
  • The straight razor allows you to obtain a perfect, very close shave.
  • Since you can obtain a perfect shave only if you apply pressure, keep in mind the fact that using such a razor type will increase the risk of cuts.
  • The straight razor is an excellent choice for your daily shaving routine but only if you have a good technique and the right skills.
  • Since this type of razor requires special skills, it is mainly preferred by professional barbers.

Safety razor:

  • The safety razor is an easy to use razor, a type of razor that basically does all the job itself as long as you pay a little bit of attention to what you are doing.
  • The safety razor helps you obtain a nice and smooth shave but it quickly gets dull, so you will have to regularly change its blade.
  • Numerous people think that it is not wise for them to opt for a safety razor since the blade has to be constantly replaced but a new blade costs less than 5 cents.
  • Its disadvantage is that if you forget to purchase new blades, you might need to shave only to realize that you don’t have the necessary tool.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to these two very popular types of shaving razors now available on the market. Keep in mind that they both represent a wise choice as long as you have the right skills. This is why you need to first consider your skills and only then make your choice.

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