Purchase Winstrol Drug After Considering its Legalities And Side Effects

Purchase Winstrol Drug After Considering its Legalities And Side Effects

Winstrol is a widely used anabolic steroid by athletes and body builders all around the world.  These drugs required doctor’s prescription but doctor’s usually do not prescribe without specific medical conditions. Therefore for buying any steroids sportsperson must be fully aware about the legalities associated with buying of steroid drugs in your country.

Generic name of winstrol

Winstrol is known by different generic names like Stanozolol, Stanozololo, Stanazol, Stanozololum and Androstanazole.  In different countries winstrol is available under different names for example in Spain it is known as Desma, in Taiwan as Chen or Hua Shin, and in India its generic name is Menabol.

Winstrol is mostly available in tablet and injection form.  Injection solutions are mostly prepared in underground labs so one must be cautious before purchasing winstrol especially from third world countries. The effect of winstrol on human body is determined by its milligram strength, half-life period and its active life.

Half-Life of winstrol

Half-life of winstrol depends on the form in which it is taken. If taken in oral form its half life is nine and half hour and 24 hour period when taken in injection form.  The half-life of drug is determined by the potential of the drug to get reduced to approximately half in the body. Winstrol is highly recommended drug for its effect on catabolism.

Side effects by taking large doses of winstrol

Many bodybuilders and athletic person uses winstrol for increasing energy and physical enhancements.  Potential side effects of winstrol depend on dosage, number of dosage, genetics and health conditions of person individually. People from sports field often take high dosages of anabolic steroids, testosterone, and growth hormones and also intake other drugs either separately or in combination with winstrol for performance enhancement, and also to reduce its negative effects caused by such drugs.

It is wise to consider whether you want 10 or 50 mg pills because high doses can lead to imbalance in levels of hormones and can cause severe negative effect o human body

The optimal dosage of winstrol injection recommended for men is usually 50mg for six to eight weeks and for women the optimal dose about 10mg a day for more than a month’s time.

If male athlete or body builder starts preparing for competition the quantity of winstrol increases to 100mg but for no more than a fortnight.  These amounts of drugs are recommended by non-medical professionals so whether you want 10 or 50 mg pills of dosage

It is very essential to undergo extensive scientific research about the benefits of winstrol steroids drugs and also about its negative effects, before intake of this drug.

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