Order Amazing Custom iPhone X Cases Made From The Same Material As Airplane Cockpits

Order Amazing Custom iPhone X Cases Made From The Same Material As Airplane Cockpits


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As we all know, Apple has just launched three new smartphone models, named iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+. New phones certainly bring many advanced features, but one thing that doesn’t arrive in the original packaging is protective plastic casing. That’s where MT3 can jump in to meet the demand, delivering large batches of blank printable polycarbonate cases exactly to dimensions of iPhone 8 models. With long experience in white box manufacturing for the mobile industry and considerable production capacities, MT3 is the best partner for this task.

Our cases are strong and durable – they are made from the same material used to construct cockpits on modern aircraft. That means polycarbonate casing will be able to absorb shock and protect the device from accidental falls or minor bumps. Considering the high price of iPhone 8 and its sister models (rumored to be around £1000), many users will be inclined to encase their new device in a protective shell that can prevent damage. Since our cases are fully customizable, they can also play an aesthetic role and serve as fashion accessories that perfectly complement elegant shape of the new phone.

iPhone 8 cases will be available in several variations. We can deliver large batches of clear plastic or wooden cases, with slim design and extra toughness. All cases are initially blank, and suitable for hosting your logo or graphic design of your choice in high-quality print. Thanks to our top-notch equipment and working procedures, every mobile case leaving our production lines will have a perfect fit and look just like you wanted it to. We dare to say that cases will be a worthy addition to Apple’s new smartphone family and might even enhance its visual profile.

Timing is essential – the buzz surrounding the launch won’t last too long. MT3 has the infrastructure to deliver large batches very quickly so our customers can fully take advantage of this window of opportunity after the launch of much-anticipated new iPhone models, all you need to do is decide on the design of the case and volume of the order. Our white-box business model allows you to leverage our manufacturing capacities to promote your own brand, to our mutual benefit.

Due to high demand, cases for iPhone 8 will only be available through direct order in the initial period. Please contact our representative today to learn how you can order your own series produced exactly to your specifications.
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