Medications other than Phentermine to lose weight

Medications other than Phentermine to lose weight

Phentermine is a schedule IV drug which is prescribed to combat obesity. Phentermine acts on the central nervous system and suppresses appetite. It is marketed under brand names such as Adipex, Adipex-P or Suprenza. Phenteramine is a popular drug but has a number of side effects which many want to avoid. For such people, there are a number of nonprescription alternatives to Phentermine.


Phen375 was first created in the year 2009. Phen375 helps in losing weight by suppressing appetite and burning the excess fat present in the body. It enhances the metabolic rate which helps in burning fat and also reduces food craving which limits calorie intake. It also gives a boost to the energy level of the body. Phen375 is one of the popular nonprescription alternatives to Phentermine and has received many positive responses from the users. Ingredients used in Phen375 include Cayenne Pepper and L-Carnitine.


Phenblue acts similarly to Phentermine by suppressing appetite and burning fat. Phenblue also prevents some of the calories an individual consumes from being absorbed in the body. In addition, some of the fat present in the diet is also eliminated from the body. The person doesn’t feel hungry between meals due to appetite suppression by this drug. All these factors contribute in losing weight. Phenblue has no serious side effects unlike Phenteramine. Since the addiction potential of Phenblue is negligible, it can be used by an individual for as long as desired to reach the weight loss target.


Adiphene is another alternative to Phentermine that does not require a prescription. Adiphene burns unwanted fat and reduces calorie absorption in the body which implies that the calorie absorption by the system is much less than the calories consumed. Adiphene also increases the metabolic rate of the body which imparts more energy and expends the calories at a faster rate. Adiphene features five natural stimulants, two thermogenic boosters, three metabolisers and an appetite suppressant. Ingredients used in this drug include Chitosan extract, Glucomannan and Guarana extract.


PhenQ is considered to be a highly effective alternative to Phenteramine. PhenQ is manufactured and sold by BAUER Group. PhenQ burns the stored fat in the body and prevents fat from being stored again which prevents weight gain. Like Phentermine, it also suppresses appetite which reduces the calorie intake appreciably. It also elevates the energy level of the body which makes an individual more energetic to perform various kinds of exercises.

Phentermin D

Phentermin D suppresses appetite and burns fat. It is considered a safe alternative to Phentermine. Ingredients used in Phentermin D include 2-Phenylethylamine, 1,3,7 trimethylxanthine, Yohimbe, Hordenine and Synephrine. Yohimbe is an alkaloid that is extracted from the bark of West African evergreen trees and is believed to affect certain receptors that help in fat loss. Hordenine is also an alkaloid that is found in many plants. It is believed to enhance fat burning and increase the metabolic rate of the body which results in rapid burning of fat. Synephrine is an alkaloid which is known to reduce appetite.


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