Latest Trends in Fashion in India are Stylish Pajamas

Latest Trends in Fashion in India are Stylish Pajamas

Today what’s hot on runways and red carpets are considered fashion on the street. When the celebrities across the nation went for sleepwear as their latest evening wear look, bedroom garments became the street wear. Pajama fashion trend has been increasing and taking over the market in such a manner that it is no longer just a sleepwear for men and women. Not just abroad, pajamas in trend India too and you can buy the latest cozy yet stylish PJs from big names online.

Some latest styles of pajama wear

Celebrities all around the world are wearing different kinds of pajamas to create a new cozy yet chic look. The trend has been catching up among the fashion savvy people too. The pajamas in trend India also where as quoted in many articles, fashion has gone ‘from sheets to streets’. Silk, cotton as well as lace pajamas paired with proper accessories and makeup can create a chic look. Some looks you can create are:

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  • Onesie pajamas

Onesie pajamas with different prints can be worn with belt to create a stunning look for the evening party. Available in silk or cotton, these can be matched with matching pair of shoes and right makeup to look chic. Polka dots or printed PJs can be great if you can carry them well.

  • Classic look

If you are daring enough, go for a classic look for the evening with solid color pajamas in light blue or others. Don’t wear pumps with the PJ but instead wear slippers for casual yet classic out-of-bed look.

  • Robe

Wear a pajama with short or long robe tied around the waist and you are ready for the gala. If you are pairing it with right vest, leave the robe open for that playful look you want to create.

  • Shirt only

Not only women, men can try that funky look outside by wearing just the shirt of the pajama and teaming it with your favorite pair of jeans.

  • Prints

Printed pajamas are the right ones to wear outside when you choose the right colors. Blues can never go wrong, but you can opt for other colors too if you can carry. Floral prints and stripes are also a wise choice.

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