Knowing More about Denpasar as a Great Vacation Destination

Knowing More about Denpasar as a Great Vacation Destination

Bali is a recommended place to visit especially when you get into its capital city, Denpasar. You may feel in love with all the things in this region as it is full of cultural attractions and the beauty of the beaches. You can also get the beautiful moments as you explore more about this city. During the vacation you can also do some study. There are many buildings and temples with historical value that you can visit. The domestic people may call it as ‘Pura’ or ‘Pure’ as a respected place for them to do their worship. There are also some traditional ceremonies that Balinese conduct for several occasions. The ceremonies also become special moment for tourists to know more about Bali and the people.

As the great vacation destination, Denpasar will offer you the beauty of the city through some tourism places. The tourism places are very much interesting so that you will not regret any visits you do in this city.

  1. The Sanur Beach. After you arrive in Bali by the visit in Denpasar national airport, Ngurah Rai International Airport, you can just go directly to the convenient home stay as you already order it before your trip to Bali. It is better to choose the home stay near the Sanur beach that also becomes one of attractions in Bali. This Sanur beach will serve you a nice view especially when you get up from your bed. You will see the beautiful sun rises from the east every morning during your vacation. In the daytime, you can just enjoy the beach and the sea by having some swimming activity or even water sport there. The white sands are very much pretty to accompany your day in this beach.
  2. The Jagatnatha Temple. After exploring the beach, it is right to have a visit to a historical place. You can learn more about Bali and the people by visiting this temple. It is located near the Denpasar Puputan square. It the temple is also the central landmark that is really precious for the domestic people. There is also a museum that will help you to learn about the origin of Bali for many years.
  3. Taman Werdhi Budaya. Enjoying your vacation in Bali will be so perfect if you join the great festival. Taman Werdhi Budaya becomes the main place for the Festival of Bali Arts. You may see this festival during July until August. When it comes to the exhibition, there are a lot of art performances served by the Balinese. It is the right moments for you and the family getting along with the domestic people and learning more about its culture.

After all explanations above, you can see that this city is a perfect destination for a great vacation. Do not forget to visit the traditional market or culinary shop. You may taste the best foods with traditional seasoning from Bali. You may also come to some other places by the guide of Denpasar Bali map.

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