Is The Tor Browser Fully Anonymous?

Is The Tor Browser Fully Anonymous?

The Tor browser was developed as fully autonomous software which would allow the users to protect their identities on the internet at all times. This meant that no user, software or website will be able to track their exact location easily.

Tor Browser was developed by a group of anonymous Web volunteers and developers. They successfully manage to develop a network that would allow people to route their internet traffic via remote servers on the network. However, the US Government takes an active participation in the maintenance of the network nowadays by providing the funding to keep the project up.

Features of Tor Browser

Primarily, the Tor Browser was developed to ensure that people can surf the deep web or dark web links anonymously. Anyone trying to track your location, online data would not be able to access your true location as your data traffic is routed via remote severs. Other features of the Tor Browser include:

  • Cross Platform Availability: The Tor Browser is available for multiple platforms to download and use. These platforms include the Linux OS, Windows and Mac.
  • Hiding your IP Address: When you connect to the Tor Network, the Tor Browser will hide your IP Address by providing you with a pseudo-IP Address through which your internet data and traffic is routed. This ensures that your real IP Address is never revealed over the internet.
  • Portability: You don’t need to physically install the Tor Browser on your device to use it. The Tor browser settings are preconfigured which means that you can run the browser directly from a USB drive.
  • Access locked websites: Since your identity is hidden on the internet and you are surfing the web from a pseudo IP Address from another location on the globe, you can also access various websites which might have been locked at your geographical locations.

How anonymous is your identity on the Tor Network?

Although Tor keeps your identity anonymous on their network, Tor is not perfectly anonymous. You are still vulnerable to a number of risks and limitations. This is why you need to be extra cautious while you are surfing on the Tor Browser. Your anonymity on the Tor network is comprised using these methods given below.

  • Exit Node Sniffing: The Tor Network is established on the back of a number of relay nodes which allow the internet traffic to be routed on the network before it is eventually sent to the user. This ensures your anonymity on the internet. However, people can still track the exit Tor Node. This is the node where the traffic will exit the Tor’s network to reach the website you are trying to reach and this can be monitored.

  • Plug-ins and JavaScript: By default, the Tor browser is preconfigured with a number of secure settings. These include options such as disable JavaScript and plug-ins. If turned on, these can be used to leak your real IP Address.

These two methods can comprise your anonymity on the Tor network and you will need to be extra careful will on the network.  

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