Efficacy of Oxandrolone cycle in bodybuilding

Efficacy of Oxandrolone cycle in bodybuilding

Numerous people out there wants to figure out the way to perfect figure but fails most of the time.  Perfection can only be achieved with time and lots of hard work. Time is the only limitation for some people whereas other people are lazy enough to not give their best. So, not only proper diet and regular exercise but a little more is necessary to augment the process of physique improvement. This would be supplemented by the Steroids. These are organic compounds which are involved in all the biological processes of metabolism, growth, and development.

There are ample number and types of steroids available in the market. Nowadays beyond medical use, Steroids have been the center of attraction in the fields of sports and bodybuilding. One of the famous steroids is Oxandrolone or Anavar. Its cycle is very common among the sports persons and athletes. It has been said to help the physique craving aficionados to cross the fitness plateaus, which they try so hard but is unable to get through by the natural means. Anavar alone or stacked with other steroids (example; Dianabol/oxandrolone stack) is highly efficient with properly spaced periods of workouts so that the metabolism is up and musculoskeletal system is functioning well.

Oxandrolone cycle duration

The optimal cycle is for about 6 weeks. But before one can decide the cycle for a new drug, make sure that your body has become completely acclimatized to the dose of steroid being administered. So always start with the lowest dose possible, so that the body can develop tolerance. Since the anabolic steroids are illegal in some places and highly scrutinized in other, it may be difficult to get a medical practitioner’s advice directly on its consumption and cycle. But you may ask your seniors at the gym and physical trainer, they will guide you properly. It is not advised to take Oxandrolone for more than 16 weeks in a whole year. Once you finish a complete cycle, there should always be space for post-cycle therapy of equal length as the main cycle.

Oxandrolone dosage

The typical dose of Anavar is between 2.5 to 10mg every day for a time-period of about a month to total six weeks. And the increment of dose (starting from the lowest) should be based on the body weight of the individual. So one must make sure of their correct Body-mass index. This steroid cycle is generally not recommended for overweight or underweight people. For a beginner, a dose of 5mg/day to sufficient for the first week. The maximum dosage which can be consumed by any individual is 100 mg and not beyond that. This may lead to negative side-effects and also the price to profit ratio will be irrational at that point (since Anavar is already an expensive product and side-effects would be humongous). For females, the recommended dosages is 25 to 50% less than that of males.

So, be judicious before using any such steroid whether it is Anavar alone or stacks like Dianabol/oxandrolonestack for achieving fit and ripped body. Take suggestions, read reviewsbefore investing.

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