Authorities Show Concerns Over Cyber Activities In Ukraine

Authorities Show Concerns Over Cyber Activities In Ukraine


Over the last 10 years, many cyber crimes have been reported in Ukraine. However, the one that has gained attention recently has proved to be the worst of them. According to reports, the local police in Cherkasy area of Ukraine started the investigation as soon as they came to know that a series of cyber crime incidents took place in the month go June which affected thousands of people in over 60 countries.

What’s The Matter?

Recently, the news of cyber crime in Ukraine broke out after a handful of businesses and individuals suffered huge financial and non-financial losses. When the officials started investigating the matter, they came to know that the hackers had transferred total £8000 worth of bitcoins from one account to another. It was the same account in which they used to accept the ransom for all their crimes in the past. Along with this transfer, the local officials also found out a message which was claimed to have come from hackers. In this message, the hackers asked for a sum of £200,000 in return of decrypting all the computers that got infected in this attack.

From this demand, the case looked very simple and straightforward, but the experts involved in this investigation thought otherwise.

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Government Shows Concern

The research team which was deployed by the government to look into this matter closely found out that the ransom demand made by the hackers was a clever attempt to divert everyone’s attention from the main issue. In reality, their objective was to do a mass destruction by bringing down countries IT industry through an organized hacking attempt.

Many businesses and individuals found it tough to cope with this loss and panicked. A firm named Anastasia Dating Network lost a lot of its clients after the attack. Company’s spokesperson said that over 500 of its partners, including both local businesses and individuals, got affected by this cyber attack. They were still trying to make things normal after government’s assurance that all the hackers would soon get caught and put behind bars.

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