How Anabolic Steroids help in losing weight?

How Anabolic Steroids help in losing weight?

Steroids which are used to promote chemical reactions that synthesize molecules in metabolism are called anabolic steroids. They are synthetic variations of male sex hormones testosterone. These are very powerful. They develop male sexual in characteristics in both males and females. These anabolic steroids were developed in late 1930’s for males, who have hormonal issues such as problems in sexual functioning, delayed puberty, problems in normal growth and development. They induce artificial testosterone that is anabolic steroids only when testes do not produce sufficient testosterone. Later, it was discovered that these steroids are used to build muscles. Hence, these steroids are misused by athletes and bodybuilders for muscle growth, strength and power. They improve performance of athletes. These steroids used in bodybuilding as well as in losing weight. Use anabolic steroids to lose weight and get ripped.

Steroids for weight loss and toned physique:

Anabolic steroids when used for weight loss are taken in cutting phase, which focuses on fat loss by retaining muscle growth. Cutting helps bodybuilder or an athlete to lose fat accumulated while building muscle preventing the loss of lean muscle. Bodybuilders will get benefited by retaining gained muscle and improving the muscle hardness. This helps them to get a chance of participating in bodybuilding competitions. These steroids are sometimes recommended for some medical treatments. They show drastic effects on the persons eating habits by reducing appetite, creating a feeling of fullness. This further leads to increase in stress level of the person. One cans anabolic steroids to lose weight and get ripped.

Prescribed anabolic steroids are recommended for cutting phase which helps in lose fat by retaining muscle. But these steroids when used for weight loss show major side effects on the person. So, steroid alternatives are recommended for especially losing weight. Both are legal to use. Steroid alternatives use natural ingredients influence hormones. These are much safer alternatives to steroids for weight loss. The side effects of these steroid alternatives are much less when compared to normal prescribed anabolic steroids. The best thing to lose weight is to look on one’s eating habits and following a balanced diet with less fatty foods, taking more proteins etc.

Using anabolic steroids:

Steroids can be taken orally as tablets or can be directly injected to muscles. By this way, people are taking 10 to 100 times extra dose as that of dose prescribed for a medical treatment. Anabolic steroids can be taken in three ways. Cycling, in this a person takes steroids for a period of time, then stops for some time and then again restarts using them. Stacking is combining more than one type of steroid to get optimum results by minimizing one steroids side effect with the other. Pyramiding is way of taking steroids slowing by increasing its dose to the high point and then slowly decreasing the dose. Anabolic steroids affect brain in the long run there will be no immediate side effects. One can lose weight by choosing a proper balanced diet, a good workout routine and taking some alternative steroids.

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