About Lodgify

About Lodgify

Renting out property can be time consuming and expensive. During the busy holiday season, you’ll want to keep on top of your bookings and know in advance when you have availability to book more visitors into your holiday accommodation. Using Lodgify means most of the work can be done at the touch of a button using their vacation rental website builder.

Results show that online bookings for holiday rentals can be improved by an impressive 200% when using Lodgify. But how does it work?

Having a website for your holiday rentals is key to reaching millions of viewers who could be potential customers. Using the easy to use Lodgify tools you can create a platform for your rentals which is easy to navigate and fully responsive on mobile phones. Web design can take a lot of time and money out of an operating budget so cut your costs and get a professional result that really works.

Search through many templates to find your perfect match whether you are renting ski chalets up in the mountains or beautiful lodges hidden away in the forest. Making alterations to suit your business needs is simple and straightforward with no knowledge of HTML or coding needed. Lodgify does all that work for you.

Need to link up other travel sites? Already sorted. The innovative tools on Lodgify are synched up to travel sites like Airbnb, Booking.com and Tripadvisor. Any rates, reservation availability and calendar highlights all update automatically on the external sites when you make changes on your own Lodgify site.  Cutting out extra work needed to make all round updates, saving not only time but money too.

Need an easy system to manage all of your bookings in the same place? Lodgify has that in the bag too. Don’t search for a coding expert to build you a reservation system, you’ll have one built into your Lodgify account already.

Manageable all at the same time, every reservation can be viewed on the same page where you’re just one click away from seeing every detail of a booking. Cast your eye overpayments, personal details and special requirements all in one place. Taking care of your customers has never been so easy.

Lodgify is not only with you every step of the way during the initial process, we’re here to support you even when your own website is up and running. Contact the sales team with any questions or queries today.    

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